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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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and his brothers came to this market to get a snack and something to eat. someone stabbed him. >> this was an innocent child, he was walking to the store with his two brothers. they had to witness this. >> the boys ran to tell their mother what happened. >> she tried to do cpr. she took him to the hospital. >> rashawn died at the hospital. the person who took his life is a young man who threatened him and went to school with him. the officials at the teen's former school knew about the problem. >> they had a record. he made threats over the internet. >> i contacted authorities at his former school. they are not allowed to discuss the students percentage history. what the people at his current
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school want to do,. mistaken i.d. -- identity. the firefighter is black and is filing a complaint about what happened. he explained why his children are traumatized by the incident. >> hand on the hip the whole time. >> keith jones is fuming. >> i think it had to be racially motivated. >> the story starts august 15th. disbatch gets a call from. >> at the same time, i went through the kitchen and the dorm. keith jones arrived at the kitchen, he came out front.
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>> he yelled freeze. and was confronted by a white oakland police officer. >> i said i work here. i'm a firefighter, these are my kids, can you tell them it's okay. he informed me again, don't move, keep your hands up. >> the officer kept one hand on his gun saying hands up don't move for three minutes before checking his identification. >> my kids are crying, shaking. >> oakland police said an officer observed a man with his two children. once his identity was confirmed he was released. >> jones thought he might get shot and filed a complaint about the treatment of his children. >> all the officer had to do was say what are you doing out
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here. what about the concern for two letter -- little kids. police say internal affairs are conducting an investigation. >> oakland police are promising to provide with us the audio and video from the officers video camera, we'll have that on news at 6:00. 10 days after the napa earthquake the aftershocks continue. the 6 .0cost 500 500 million to $4 billion in damage. just $250 million of that damage is covered by insurance. building inspectors removed 20 buildings from a red tag list. governor brown asked president obama for a federal disaster
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declaration. as expected. pg&e will appeal a 1 1/2 billion dollars fine. the filing was made with the u.s. securities and exchange commission. a spokesman said the utility wants the sec to take into consideration the money it has spent or will spent on pipe like -- line safety improvement. the bulk of the penalty would go into the state's general fund. a deal to keep the raiders and the a's at the current location is close at hand. there's been talk about a plan to replace the coliseum with a new facility. the plan includes demolishing the coliseum and building a stadium for the raiders and a
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ballpark for the a's at the same location. the city and county would be responsible for infrastructure improvements and paying off for the rennovations made in the 90s. the mayor did talk to ktvu about proposed plans. >> a couple of different designs and formats. the one most are looking at are the radium -- raiders stadium here, the raiders on the south and the a oz the north. we have -- raiders on the north. >> the a's signed a deal to stay in oakland. the mayor should have more details about a possible deal in two weeks. we're hearing about the case of the 49ers starting lineman ray mcdonald. as we first reported over the
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weekend. mcdonald was arrested on domestic violence. >> the exchange between reporters and the coach. >> with the season opener around the corner the 49ers would rather answer questions about the cowboys, the arrest of ray mcdonald is still in the for aren't -- for front. >> we will not tolerate domestic violence and the sect is the respect for due process. >> waiting for the district attorney to time charges or not. >> waiting for information. >> this is a legal matter, and you know my position, that is to everyone involved is to allow due process to take place. the important thing is what's going to make the decision, that will be based on
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information. >> someone has to decide what the facts are correct. someone has to decide who makes that decision? >> it's what information in fact. asked that question, i've answered it. >> we can have an informal poll, raise your hand if you're not in favor of due process. not one hand. >> it's in the constitution. i've taken as many questions. >> it's well defined. >> fifth amendment. it's not if he plays football or not. >> man or woman, is not to be punished before due process occurs. >> the reporter in the exchange is a columnist for the san jose mercury news. ray mcdonald did attend
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practice but was not on the field in the early sessions that is attended by the media. >> they have not made a decision or announced it publically if he will play. >> i wouldn't begin to speculate on a decision. jim harbaugh's job is to put the best team he can on the field. its owner ship's job to decide the public relations aspect. it's an ownership question if he plays. >> we wait to hear. san francisco fire department head of homeland security has been demoted six months after being involved in an accident. he was demoted to his previous
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position as lieutenent. on march 2 sonoma police say he rear-ended another vehicle. he was in a fire department vehicle and sped away with his emergency lights on without stopping to check on the other driver. several months ago it was confirmed it happened and she was trying to determine the punishment. america inns -- merkins was removed from his at will position. facebook is back up and open. it was down for 20 minutes. facebook users in several countries had trouble logging on. this is the fourth major outage this year. the most recent was last month when it was down for half an hour. facebook has not said what caused the outage. turning grief into
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political action. parents who said their children died from medical mistakes want a change in the law. proposition 46 would raise the cap on damages in medical malpractice cases. tom baker with a look at both sides of this debate. >> if almost all the things you buy are four times now what you paid for decades ago, why is malpractices doctors liability to patients who have been damaged unchanged. grieves parents who lost their children to malpractices doctors kicked off yes to 46. >> he was given a lethal combination of medication and he was left unmonitored. >> the doctor said he's fine, don't worried. >> prop 46 seeks to raise a
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doctors maximum malpractice liability from $256,000 to 1.1 million dollars. it calls for random drug and alcohol testing of physicians as is done in other professions and check the drug database. the california medical association says doctors object. >> we can't take one of the three and throw the other two out. this measure is all three together. >> it's three initiatives in one. >> the no on 46 campaign has $46 million war chest mostly funded by insurance companies. >> this truly is a david versus goliath situation. >> we are fighting against multibillion dollars insurance companies who are content with the status quo. >> that money will come out of
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the health care for these patients. >> it was written by trial attorneys. >> they say it's a money grab by trial lawyers. >> even with trial lawyers support, yes on 46 has raised 10% of what insurers have contributed. >> how dare the opposition to prop 46 say this is about money for attorneys. >> both sides have broad support coalition. senator boxer is funding the yes campaign, medical professionals the no campaign. a baby saved from a hot car. >> our mission was to get the baby out. >> and learn what the mother was doing while she left her child alone. heart attack patients getting help faster. the protocol that's saving time
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we don't take that lightly. so we're always trying to make it even better. that's why we added some ingredients and took others out. we think it's our best bread yet. but come in and see for yourself. bread is on the rise at subway. . pittsburgh police have rested another person in the connection of a deadly hit and run. perez was arrested in bay point last night. he was booked into jail. then late today we learned that police arrested his brother for allegedly trying to hide the truck that was used in the hit and run in the bakersfield area. this came after surveillance video was released of a pickup truck jumping the curb and taking out a light pole.
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the victim died at the scene. >> i'm glad and happy that a person like this is off the street so they don't hurt anyone else. >> perez will be charged with felony hit and run and causing death. president is making his strongest statement yet on the beheading of steve and sotloff. a family spokesman said that sotloff was no hero and tried to find good concealed in a word of darkness by giving voice to the suffering. steven sotloff and james foley. >> those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn we don't forget and our reach is long. >> they should know we will follow them to the gates of
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hell until they are brought to justice. >> chuck hagel did not mince words. >> you have to destroy it. if we don't destroy it, it will get worse and wider and deeper. >> days after the video shows the beheading of steven sotloff. >> anyone who cares about freedom of expression and human life should be appalled. >> a reporter who worked with sotloff expressed anger that president obama did not take stronger action. >> if we had not had a weak president this would never have happened. isis knows they can taunt him and he will study the situation and more people will die. >> the mother of james foley the first beheaded by isis spoke today. >> i feel steven and james were
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there to unify our country, bring our world together, we're heartbroken. >> there's word silicon valley tech companies are working to keep the videos off the internet. one insider said in the aftermath of foley's killing internet companies wanted to scrub the web and those plans were implemented this week. officials didn't say if they were taken at the request of government or ordinary users. a water main break in san diego flooding streets in san diego. it started about 3: 30 this afternoon and of note is that children's hospital nearby is without water as a result of this break. we're working to get more information, look at that, the street inundated with water. this is in san diego. if we get more information
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we'll bring it to you. >> let's go to bill martin. you talked about the slight changes in water. >> big drop off yesterday. temperature down and temperature today cooler. fog along the coast. we have clears. check out ocean beach. the clearing is starting to show up throughout many of the coastal areas. the fog will come back tonight. half moon bay, pacifica. patchy fog. it will fill-in tonight and with the deep marine layer, it will push far inland on the winds. gusting to 22 miles an hour in concord, it's windy, like last night, those are the gusts the numbers in white. san francisco airport sustained
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at 17. the winds are blowing the cool, moist air inland. temperatures are mild, what we said the major cooling was yesterday, the things flattened out today. the forecast, fog in the morning, clearing the coast, high pressure establishes itself more, warmer tomorrow and warmer still as we go into the next couple days, that's prompted a red flag warning for northern california. red flag warning stays in effect until tomorrow. the higher elevations strong winds. the forecast for tomorrow, the morning forecast looking for fog, not picking a lot up. plenty of fog along the coast, the afternoon, there's your 80s, orange, and there's your 90s. warmer tomorrow, and warmer as we head toward the weekend.
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74 in richmond, quality will get sketchy and the fire danger coming up. a warming trend. we could see mid-90's. forecast highs along the coast. low and mid-60's with fog. tomorrow like today, less fog and warmer. five-day forecast, there it is, temperature notch up, mid-90's on friday, saturday the hot spots mid-90's, and warm right into the weekend. fire comes back on the table with the warmer pattern. >> thank you bill. reunited after 33 years, how a stolen car was recovered and the unusual date that it commemorates for the original owner. firefighters rescue a young child left alone in a hot car. they walk us through the rescue and where the case against the
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mother stands. a prank call to 911 sends a bay area s.w.a.t. team into high gear. >> there's four bombs on the premiseis. >> it was a prank. why the fbi is getting involved. >> sharing the road is not just nice, it's mandatory. the law dictating the distance drivers must give bike riders. these and more at 6:00. inside each of us is a little bit of minion. the part of us that wants to play,
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. nevada has reportedly beaten out california and other states for tesla battery factory. they will build in sparks, nevada. a news conference is planned for tomorrow. you recall that california, nevada, arizona, new mexico and texas lobbied for the factory and the 6500 jobs the plant is expected to create. california lawmakers failed to even debate a pro posal -- proposal. >> a development project in walnut creek will continue. the 24-acre project is under construction after being approved in june. the group, friends of walnut creek appealed saying the city violated the brown act by
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failing to notify residents about hearings. the council dismissed the appeal last night. the project includes a safeway and other shops plus a restaurant and senior housing. we're hearing from a man who was reunited from a car 33 years after it was taken. >> wow, 33 years, beautiful. >> is this is way you left it. >> bumps and bruises, but not much changed. >> he pate $1,600 cash for this 1964 ford thunderbird in 81. it was a gift to himself the night his marriage ended. fast forward 33 years, police called him and said his car had been found, 750 miles away in washington state. >> considering it's a 50-year- old car and gone for 33 years,
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you have no idea where it's been. >> he says the car is in good condition. >> that's a good-looking t- bird. a boy rescued from sweltering conditions. >> hour mission was to get the baby out. >> how hot it got in the car before the baby was saved and what his mother was doing. we found a misspelled street sign, even if the city knows there's a mistake, it doesn't have to fix it. a bay area hospital was the first in the state to use cutting edge technology to treat heart attacks. now they are using it to give doctors a head start when it comes to treating their patients.
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. dramatic video of a toddler covered in sweat and rescued by firefighters. the mother told police she planned to run a quicker and. she -- quick errand. this happened monday afternoon. >> authorities are not sure how long the child was in the car.
5:31 pm
they are estimating 5 to 10 minutes. it was the quick thinking of shoppers and the quick action of firefighters that saved that child's life. >> the rescue was caught on video and posted to to ktvu post -- facebook page. >> our mission was to get the baby out as soon as possible. >> all the doors were locked. we put our tools into action. they popped the lock and pulled the crying baby from the car. they rushed him to a waiting ambulance. >> we tried everything to bring the patient temperature down. >> in cases like this a matter of minutes could be the difference between life and death. >> in the first 10 minutes the temperature rises 19 degrees above the outside air. 85, 90-degree day you're in a deadly level. the next 10 minutes it rises
5:32 pm
another 10 degrees. >> it hits 99 degrees in 10 minutes and 109 degrees in 20 minutes. the temperature monday afternoon hit 92 degrees where they were. the temperature in the car may have been 121 degrees in 20 minutes. >> the car was checked out and found to be okay. >> the police department is investigating, the mother apparently told detectives she and a second child ran into the store for a minute. >> whatever the mother explained to the detectives all that will play into what the d.a. decides to do. >> the mother could face child neglect charges. firefighters are glad someone thought to call 911. it's never okay to leave a child in a hot car. >> it's a true blessing. who knows what could happen. >> nationwide, 26 children have died in hot cars this year.
5:33 pm
one today, firefighters hope by speaking about this incident, they can prevent others from happening in the future. police are looking for the driver who injured a bicyclest in a hit and run accident. the hit and run happened at oak and stancion street and the driver continued to travel east. the car was a gold covered sedan. the bicyclist was a 20-year-old man treated for minor injuries at the scene. an american aid worker who survived ebola said her husband was the 1 to give her the news she was infected. >> david came towards me to give me a hug, and to put his arms around me, i knew how dangerous that was, i said no. just no.
5:34 pm
>> she and another missionary came down with the virus as they worked with patients in liberia, they were kept in isolation as the u.s. government brought them on the edgery u. -- emery university hospital for treatment. >> i didn't know if i was going to make it to the u.s., i didn't know if i would see my husband again. as we said good-bye, i wondered what the next hours would hold. >> in atlanta, they were given a drug called zmapp that helped save their lives. supplies have run out. it's not clear if a third american missionary that has the virus will be brought back to the united states. doctors say the high-tech
5:35 pm
medical care for heart attack patients is paying off. a combination of rapid field diagnosis, data connection to the hospital and quicker surgery. a protocol now expanded to firefighters and ambulance paramedics and what a tombstone has to do with getting you faster care. >> twice a week, in walnut creek and concord. there are 911 calls for in progress heart attacks. >> are you having pain in your chest. we're going to get you in the back of a ambulance for privacy. >> this is the annual practice drill for the steamy system -- stemi system.
5:36 pm
>> a few seconds of ekg reveals dying heart muscle. >> it could be a heart attack. we see a few elevations in the two and three. >> looks like a tombstone. it is deadly. this is seconds and minutes count. >> with a stemi, contra cost ace paramedics can order hospital card attic units to open. >> get the clock moving, the time from system onset to cartery -- artery opened. a new protocol barely opens in the er.
5:37 pm
getting surgery in 28 minutes. >> today's patient portraited by a nurse is fine. but doctors say half of people with heart attacks make the mistake of driving to the hospital, many die. >> doctors say hospitals are optimized, any improvement in heart attack outcomes come from patient recognizes systems sooner and calling 911, waiting can only make it worse. john fowler. kdka tv news -- ktvu news. $80 million is standing between the state and a earthquake system. a girl taken from her room in the middle of the night, dragged into the middle of the woods and left alone to find her way home. a high profile celebrity
5:38 pm
crashes a wedding. >> you knew something was up. >> snoop dogg taking a picture with the bride and groom, what they did before that that cracked him up.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
. police have rested an 18- year-old man for attack on a female jogger. they were having last week's
5:41 pm
attack when a young man started following another woman. they say he told them he thought the women were attractive but realized he shouldn't grab them. he will be in court tomorrow. we're hearing from a wedding photographer after an unexpected celebrity crashed a wedding in chicago. he was wearing a purple and gold jumpsuit. you knew it was him. >> it was snoop dogg. he was staying in the same hotel. the groom's mother is a huge fan and she insisted he take a picture with the couple. >> snoop was laughing because my bride and groom would not get close to him. they were nervous. >> snoop snapped a few pictures with his own phone, and so far it's gotten 10s of thousands of likes. a very public mistake for
5:42 pm
san francisco. >> even when the spelling is incorrect. why the city does not fix it and what it takes to get the spelling right. a terrifying encounter, a man takes a girl from the bedroom and drags her into the woods. then leaves her alone to find her way back. why her mather didn't take action even though she saw it happen. temperature in the mid- 90's. i'll let you know when that happens.
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. imagine your mistakes etched in cement. in a number of streets those error are real. as the city works on retrofitting ramps more and more city treats are misspelled. what's more important than correct spelling. >> we're at 20th and bryant streets or 20th and brandt street. errors are creeping in all over town, and flicker are letting people share when they find one at busy san francisco intersections some pedestrians never look down. >> howard street, right?
5:46 pm
>> howard street, spelled backward. >> and a few blocks away someone left the r out of harrison. there's a flicker page dedicated to finding the error. >> some of the errors are embarrassing, some whimsical. >> the city is in the process of retrofitting curbs to make them compliant. san francisco is one of the few cities with an ordinance requiring street names to be stamped on intersection. with 40,000 street corners they focus on getting the ramps right, not the spelling. >> the engineering correct. the right slope, no barriers the people will trip over. probably how usd spell the street name is -- you spell the street name is not the highest
5:47 pm
play order. if it really irks someone they will go back at the coast of $300,000. >> most say they won't complain and at worst, it's mildly irritating. >> it will bug me every time i see it. thanks. >> it will be second will out -- sending out engineers and asking the engineers to double check the street signs to make sure the sidewalk stamps are seemed correctly. -- spelled. >> yesterday several spelling mistakes were found on plaques honoring members of the lbgt. the flak for christine jog enson is missing the s in transgender and the plaque for
5:48 pm
oscar wilde said he's known for bidding with it. >> those will be replaced by the within a month with no cost to nonprofit. >> the manufacture will reinstall the connected plaquing before the october opening of the castro street project. apple stock plummeted 4.4% after celebrities had their icloud hacked. the company lost $4. investors hope it will bounce back when they unveil the new verse of the iphone next week. in san diegan enormous water main break. on meadowlark drive, there's
5:49 pm
reports that children's hospital is without water. another hospital is nearby, there's no word if it lost water service. the break is causing flooded streets and traffic problems in a mostly residential area of san diego. you can see people paddling out on inflat able rafts and the water is waist deep. they are working to turn the water off. breaking news from san diego affecting big area. san diego. >> reminds you have a month ago when the water main break at ucla. i look at the pictures and i think of the wasted water. >> the most severe drought in recorded california history. that's painful to watch. >> as we go outside temperature from today. these were the numbers. slightly cooler in many areas,
5:50 pm
but not much. today is a lot like yesterday. 89 in antioch. liver more -- livermore warmed a degree or two. temperature will warm back up. there's the fog along the coast. there's cape mendicino here. down to point conception, fog that will be of constant player. it will be patchy. clearing along the coast. this fog will push back in tonight. i suspect tomorrow will be breaks in the fog as well. that's the kind of thing you may be looking forward to that. the winds are blowing, 22 miles an hour gust in the delta. san francisco airport maintain the wind speed at 17 miles an hour. 87 in fairfield. the cool moist air around the
5:51 pm
bay. look at the forecast. low clouds overnight. drizzle. we had a little bit of it this morning. back out and look at the low pressure center, that's the mechanism for all the cooling. the fog will be there and it will be a little bit cloudy. by the afternoon the high builds in and temperature will come up a couple degrees. as you go through the bay area slightly warmer. tomorrow looks like today. as we go into the next couple days on friday and saturday, temperature come back up. today instead or tomorrow instead of mid-80's, low 90s, 90 in vacaville. maybe 92 or three. east of our area. temperature 89 in walnut creek. air quality not as great. the pattern will stick around for three days. it's not a significant warm up.
5:52 pm
we've been cool and we'll come up on the bell curve and be a bit warmer. on friday we think about fire and things like that. in the meantime we'll be warming and cooling as we go into early next week. a nice looking forecast. it's been the sameness is very much the same. it's tested and working on a small scale, an early morning system for earthquake is not ready for public consumption. >> we need public investment. >> the action the scientist took the to get the system. a fake 911 call sends bay area police into action and triggers a neighborhood evacuation. i have a family, five members hostage. >> the strange twist that has
5:53 pm
the fbi involved. getting bicyclist more room on the road. how far motorist have to stay away. these and more coming up at 6:00.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
. 10 days after the south napa earthquake there's serious talk about a early warning system.
5:56 pm
it could give us seconds to prepare. a three day conference on the early warning system kicked off today. >> we're standing in front of memorial football stadium on top of the hayward fault. on the other side of the campus scientist are talking about a earthquake early warning system. >> this is where we received the five second warning. >> at the uc berkeley seismology lab. >> seismologist knew the earthquake was coming five seconds before it struck thanks to a demonstration model of a earthquake early warning system. >> san francisco got an eight second heads up. >> we demonstrated the feasibility. we have a group of test users. >> why not have a statewide system. it will take $80 million to
5:57 pm
upgrade the seismology system. >> the question, a little bit cal will to make that investment. >> i hope we have a sense of urgency. >> political leaders, scientist and business executives gathered to begin a three day conference on an everything egg -- earthquake early warning system. they spoke about getting the money. >> why we have not acted quickly. it's not just the state of california responsibility the federal government has a responsibility. >> size meteorologist said california could have as good of a response as japan. even a few seconds count. >> we could have taken a 30 miles an hour train and brought it to a stop. 70 miles an hour we could have
5:58 pm
reduced it to 40 miles an hour. >> it will take two years to install a two -- early warning system. a frightening kidnapping a girl. the 8-year-old is back safe at her home after being kidnapped from her room sunday morning. the man entered through an unlocked girl and picked up the girl and took her deep into the woods near her home. that's when the man let her go. the girl's father said the girl ran straight home and told him what happened. the mother saw the man but thought it was her husband carrying her daughter. it is a reminder to be vigilant. >> take extra caution, lock your doors, kiss your kids extra, check on them a couple extra times. >> the girl was taken to the
5:59 pm
hospital where she was checked out and she's doing fine. the call came in to 911 and the police responded immediately. >> . >> it was all a lie, now the search to find who keeps making fake phone calls to bay area police. a 13-year-old high school football player stabbed to death. now the family knows who did it. the latest on the investigation and the flood of messages the school is getting. new rules of the road, drivers have to keep their distance from bicyclest. . a hostage held in a home, active shooter at school. both of these calls were pranks. a string of fake phone calls
6:00 pm
that prompted a large police response. good evening. >> it's known as a fake phone call to 911 with a situation so serious the s.w.a.t. team is called. john is live in marin county where authorities trying to track down the person who does this. >> this is the marin county sheriff office who's leading the investigation. yesterday's event was the second in the past two weeks. >> neighborhoods don't get more peaceful than deer creek court. it was a different story yesterday. >> it was a 14-year-old juvenile saying he was john, reporting he was being held hostage in his house. his father had gone berserk and shot his mother, he was hiding in the house. >> as investigators found it was a hoax. th


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